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The Shoebox Project

Inspiration in The Lost

Shoebox Project
20 February
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It started as a small thing, as most things do. A local used book store was selling cabinet card photos, and I found myself intrigued. I purchased four, and intended to use them as inspiration for characters in my writings.

But the intrigue turned to obsession. Now I scour antique stores all over the east coast, on a hunt for the beautiful, the bizarre, the macabre, and the forgotten.

A recent form of Pop-Art caught my attention; people using old photos in crafts, usually destroying and defacing them.

I found this abhorrent, and disrespectful. Though The SBXP encourages people to be inspired by old photos, and to use them in their art, now is a day and age where making copies is a simple process.

The Shoebox Project’s mission is to preserve old photos, which at times, could be the last remnant of a person’s time on Earth. SBXP shares the photos, in a format which affords artists the opportunity to use these photos, without harming the photos, themselves.

You can help SBXP in its efforts of preservation by sending funds to paypal.me/iamfrae. These funds will be used towards the acquiring of more photos, and rigid plastic casings to protect the photos from harm.