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SBXP — Day Eleven; Berry Hill Con’t

My parents and I moved across the country three days before my eighteenth birthday.

This was a measure of control on their parts, as I would probably had just left. I refused to move, refused to pack, and for it, a lot of my stuff was also left behind.

If I could go back and redo it, I wouldn’t had moved, at all. My life gained nothing by moving across country.

When we moved back, I also didn’t want to move back, tired of all the running from problems or back to a place and time where my parents could relive their “golden era”.

We ended up moving back to a small town, with which had no diversity, no tolerance, and tormented me at a very developmental age, to now.

I’ve held jobs from one edge of this town, to the other, and the only thing I’ve learned is most people suck. They’re petty, intolerant, close minded, short sighted, drug addled


I don’t really leave the house, anymore. Unless I am with my partner.

I can’t talk to my parents, or brothers without them causing drama. And so I am better off just living in this little bubble I have up here.

Its safe, and no one judges me, here.

Its a bit hard to explain. I’m not bitter, or angry, I’m just tired of wasting time and energy on people around here. And thats okay.

So, what do I do? I clean, or craft, or read. I collect, I dream, I be.

I have started cleaning a neighbor’s house. She’s usually never there when I clean, though, so I get to spend time with her puppies.

When we do talk though, its fun. She’s actually one of the few intelligent people I know.

As is probably apparent at this point, I am very fond of old things. I watch old TV shows, listen to old radio programs, read old, obscure authors, or collect old photos.

Part of me wonders if I was born in the wrong era, though another part of me thinks I would have been tortured, and burnt at the stake.

This photo is from the Berry Hill book barn. That place is probably one of my favorite places. Super cheap books, old, limited am edition and out of print.

The books they sell are time capsules. We’ve found books published pre WWII that have to do with ‘not doing business with Hitler’ or books in the late 1800s about the greatest scientific findings at the time.

You can’t really just find books like this, anymore, because they are out dated, and will never be published again. But they serve as great source materials for writing timed pieces. These books are usually in the $0.25 to $2.00 range.

But at this store, they also have some binders up front. They are filled with old photos, playbills, head shots of classic actors, local postcards.

This store really has everything.

Every time I go there I try to pick up at least one old photo.

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