Shoebox Project (sbxp) wrote,
Shoebox Project

SBXP — Day Nine; Secret Angel

I try especially hard not to get sucked into purchasing antique photography, online.

I am afraid if I start doing that, my obsession will literally bankrupt us.

I do enjoy the strolling around an antique store, the discovery and accomplishment I feel upon finding an amazing photo that was looking for its forever home.

But, sometimes, I do spot a photo or lot online that is entirely irresistible.

I have considered getting huge lots of photos, before, but I feel it would cause my carefully curated collection to bloat, and not be as special as it is.

But, sometimes, photos just speak to you, and there’s not a stitch you can do but surrender to its will.

This charming young woman enchanted me. Her crooked gaze, and perfect features overwhelmed me.

I felt I knew her, knew her story, beginning to end. And it was a story that I needed to tell.

She died, unwed, in labor. She was surrounded by most of her family, save her father, who could not look at her, due to her indiscretions.

Her features, in this photo, were the same ones, frozen and immortalized forever, because of this one photo her family took of her, upon her death.

There was only one copy, and it sat in a drawer, forgotten, for forty years. That is until her father, on his death bed, pleaded someone fetch him the photo, so that his only daughter, his secret angel, could be looked upon as he passed.

On his lips, he whispered an apology, so his secret angel could know that his desertion of her, in her time of crisis, was his only true regret.

Tags: 1800s, 1880s, 1890s, 1900s, 1910s, 1920s, 1930s, 19th century photography, 19th century photos, 20th century photography, 20th century photos, a photo a day, ambrotype, american history, antiques, art history, art preservation, autobiographical, biographical, cabinet cards, daguerre type, family, family photos, ferro type, found art, found photos, historical, history preservation, old photography, old photos, photo a day, photography, preservation, sbxp, shoebox project, tintype, usa, vintage photography, vintage photos, wet plate photos, world history, writing

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