Shoebox Project (sbxp) wrote,
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SBXP — Day Seven; Night Terrors & Day Dreams

I meant to post, yesterday, but fell very quickly asleep.

Sleep is hard for me, so I took it as the small blessing that it was.

Even though it ended up backfiring. Typically, when I sleep soundly, I suffer from night terrors. Last night was no different.

The topic of the dream is typically irrelevant. I’ve had horrifying dreams that saw me feeling rested in the morning, and dreams that were totally G rated, that have scared the ever living shit out of me.

I always dream that I am a guy, which is pretty much how I see myself, so its not that jarring. I’m told this is pretty uncommon, though.

The dreams I had last night were about alien abduction. Those usually scare me the most. Why the topic of alien abduction is so uncomfortable for me, I’m not exactly sure.


This picture was found in Owego, NY. We only hit one of the antique stores in Owego, and I will definitely be going back. There were a few things that I wished I had gotten, but I only had so much to spend. I ended up with 14 very amazing photos.

Usually I am happy to come up with my own story about the people in the photos, but this one is different. There is so much detail to notice, here, from the expressions, to the things that adorn the men.

My favorite thing in this photo is totally the unhappy child in the front row. He gives me this Denis the Menace vibe.

The two men in the front look so chummy, and I am curious how deep their relationship was.

The man in the bowler, and the one with the pipe beside him? So fun.

These old pictures bring me a lot of joy, and collecting them has really brought out a passion I didn’t think that I was capable of.

The Owego store was teeming with booths from all different vendors. There was such amazing stuff but most the price range was pretty out of reach.

I did find an empty antique photo album for under $10, and I really fought with myself about getting it.

It was pretty damaged, though. The binding wasn’t holding any of the pages in place, and I didn’t think that was anything that I could fix.

Maybe if its still there the next time I visit.

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