Shoebox Project (sbxp) wrote,
Shoebox Project

SBXP — Day Five; I saw the Devil.

Our most recent trip that we went to led us to Owego.

Again, I slept in the van while Ben worked, and slept very well. I apparently sleep better in vehicles than in a bed, for whatever reason.

We found this antique store, which was probably the biggest I have ever been to. I could tell before even entering, the prices would be staggering, and I wasn’t wrong.

The whole place took us two hours to scour. I found very little in the way of pictures, to begin with. I did find a bin of 50s snap shots, that were 2” by 2” for $8 a piece.

I looked at a few before noticing the ridiculous prices on them, and decided nothing was so interesting as $8 a piece.

I am not opposed to paying that much for an individual photo that speaks to me, but prefer to pick photos that are typically $2-3, $5 max.

The two hours seemed like it was a bust, until the very last booth. They had a bin of old military photos. I looked through them all and picked a few more than a dozen, to get. Overall, the trip cost about $40 for 14 pretty amazing photos, some a bit too modern for my liking, but still with tremendous character.

The photo today, it caught my eye because when I looked at the old woman in the rocking chair, I swore it was the face of the devil. It was a very jarring and surreal experience, and one I wished to remember, so we bought it.

I can’t quite capture what I see, old photos seem not to photograph well.

Do you see it?

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