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First Entry of The Shoebox Project

The Shoebox Project is a way for me to share something that I love, and am very enthusiastic about. I'm hoping that others will enjoy the photos, as well as the blurbs about them that I publish.

I plan on doing "A Photo A Day" posts, so as to not overwhelm you with everything that I want to share.

This particular picture came from my family photos. My grandmother died back in 2008, and the estate had been in chaos for a very long time. There was a lot of resentment and anger towards my father, so the younger brothers banded together to refuse him anything. They went to the lengths of burning antiques, smashing marble tables, and leaving important memorabilia outside, in the rain.

One of my uncles, the Executor of the Estate, died last year. When he passed, my father became the executor, to an estate in debt, in shambles, and destroyed. My uncle never paid any of the bills or taxes on my grandmother's home, which has accrued over $25,000 in back tax. My family is going to end up losing a home that was built by my grandfather, and its honestly a shame.

Hatred and anger is a horrible thing.

When my parents found out that I was collecting old photos, my mom eagerly wanted to help, and exclaimed there were many old photos at my grandmother's home. There may have been at one point, but they exist no longer.

My dad, however, was hugely disappointed that everything had been destroyed, and scoured through the wreckage of the old garage, and the piles of junk my uncles had accrued.

I am sorry to report that he did not find much, but he did find something.

There was an old sewing box, likely pre 1940s. The box is pretty salvageable. Sitting out in the rain it acquired a lot of mildew that I cannot clean off. However, inside the box was a small stash of family photos, and documents, which had been saved the worst of the elements because of the battered box.

This is one of the dozen or so surviving family photos.

Back of the photo reads "Edward Furbish Cookenham".

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